Autumn term


Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasadam-Halls


This term we will be reading Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and The Wolves In the Walls by Neil Gaiman 

We will be writing our own first person description and information text based on Ways of the Wolf and a suspense narrative based on The Wolves In the Walls.

During this term, we will begin by reading and watching videos of wolves to gather as much information as we can about them, focusing on the settings they are found and how they work together as a pack. This will then form the basis for our first person description as we discuss in detail the actions of the pack. 

We will then look at using all facts that we have learnt about wolves to write our own information text. We will focus on our use of technical vocabulary to make our writing sound accurate and look at how to present our writing to make it appealing and engaging to the reader.  

After this, we will be focusing on techniques that be can used to add suspsense to a narrative. We will look at different examples of suspsense and apply some of the strategies to edit and improve sentences before using them in our own story writing. 

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During this unit of work, the class will be looking at how to read, write and represent any number up to 10 million in different ways. We will then be moving on to ordering and comparing the numbers using the correct mathematical terminology and symbols. 

Following on from this, the children will build on their prior knowledge of rounding numbers to learn how to round any number within 10 million and deal with negative numbers by counting backwards and forwards through zero. 



During our Light unit of work, we will be looking at how light appears to travel in straight lines and how it reflects off objects to enable us to see them. We will also be investigating why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. 



In History this term, we will be looking at what the British Empire was, how it began and how this impacted the rest of the world. We will then focus on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the condition slaves lived an worked in everyday. 

Following on from this, we will be focusing on slavery abolition and the key people that supported slavery beginning abolished. 

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