Spring Term


This term in Year 1, we will be looking at the book Paper Planes. We will be creating our own friendship story. We will be thinking about extending our sentences using the words 'and' and 'because'. We will be exploring feelings and experimenting with synonyms rather than using the same word lots of times. 

We will continue to work on using our phonics skills to read and write words linked to our topic. Children will continue to think about constructing sentences using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will use sentence checkers to check our own work and begin to identify mistakes in our own writing. 

It would be great if children could keep working on learning the letter names for each letter of the alphabet. This becomes increasingly important when learning to spell. 


Year 1 will begin  the Spring Term with exploring the topic of Place Value to 20. Children will cover the following skills:

  • Recognising numberals 11-20
  • Sorting objects
  • Counting objects
  • Recognising numbers as words
  • One more and one less
  • Less than, greater than and equal to

Our second topic will be Addition and Subtraction within 20. The following areas will be covered:

  • The part whole model
  • Writing number sentences
  • Number bonds within 20
  • Adding more
  • Taking away
  • Adding and subtracting 

Children will be using a range of resources to support their learning which will include tens frames, numicon, Base 10 and number lines. 


During the Spring Term, children will be exploring the topic Animals including Humans. We will begin by naming animals and sorting them into different groups - including Pets, Wild Animals and Farm Animals. Children will then begin to explore different animal groups including - birds, mammals, fish, reptiles. Children will explore the different features that may be found within the animal groupings. After this, children will explore animal diets and will be categorising animals under the headings herbivore, omnivore and carnivore. 



During the Spring Term, children in Year 1 begin to explore the world around them in Geography Lessons. We will begin by seeing where we live and identifying this on a map and a globe. Children will be taught the names of the continents and they will use this knowledge to identify continents on maps and globes. We will be finding out where the equator is and will locate the North and South Poles. Children will then explore different habitats and their features.

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