Safeguarding Council and Wellbeing Team

Beechwood Primary School's Safeguarding Council and Wellbeing Team consists of a range of pupils from year 3 up to year 6. 

Safeguarding  is very important to us at Beechwood and our team meet every half term, to discuss any issues and concerns that they may have.  We do enviromental walks of the school grounds, to ensure that as a school we are keeping all pupils safe inside and outside school. 

Our role is to:

  • listen to the ideas, opinions and suggestions of our class friends.

  • help children to follow our school rules, making sure everyone stays safe.

  • share our views with Staff, Governors and Parents and other agencies.

  • make sure visitors are safe in our school and wear the right coloured lanyard.

  • be involved in safety days, for example road safety and internet safety days at school

Across the school year as a team we also run activities to encourage all pupils to feel part of keeping everyone safe.

The Safeguarding Council members are:

Year 6 - Madison Warburton, Emilee Phillips and Rich Chibvuura

Year 5 - Alfie Butler, Lily Jackson, Ethan Jones and  Ella-Rose Birchall

Year 4 - Khaleesi O'Brien, Elliot Heyes and Tobi Woolrich

Year 3 - Belle Hynes, Ezra-James Faddes and Mia Wawronska 

The Safeguarding Council is supported by Miss Hart - Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead.

Beechwood Primary School also has a pupil lead wellbeing team. Theses children are there to support the school counsellor in helping with friendship groups, supporting children who may be struggling at school and listening to children who would like to speak with a younger person within school. 

The Wellbeing Team are:

Year 6 - Dylan Stockley, Willow Clews, Ruby Gleave-Cody and Alexis Lloyd. 

Situated on the wall outside the school counsellors office there is also a post box where children can collect a slip, write their worries or concerns and post in the box. This is locked and confidential and is only accessed by the school counsellor.

The wellbeing team is supported by Gemma Bracegirdle - School Counsellor



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