Future Leaders

This year, I have asked the class teachers to choose a child from each class to represent their peers on the Future Leaders Team. This is  because Future Leaders need a very specific skill set which includes being an effective communicator, having great organizational skills and the confidence to speak in front of large groups.

The Future Leaders will meet once a half term on a Wednesday afternoon 1.30-2.30pm.

Don't forget to speak to your Future Leaders if you have any ideas on how to improve our school!

For any additional information, please speak to Mrs McDonough, Tom, Chelsea or Poppy-Dee.

Our future leaders:

Year 6
Thomas - 'I am a huge football fan and my favourite lesson is P.E. Come and find me every lunchtime on the football pitch to talk about how we can imporve our school.'
Poppy-Dee - 'I have 4 dogs and I like foxes too! I am a great listener and I love to help people!'
Chelsea - Chelsea is very helpful and kind to her classmates and others. She likes to make sure everyone is involved and has a voice, which is why she'll make a perfect Future Leader!

Year 5
Mahira - Mahira is gentle but determined to make sure things are fair. She has some great ideas and is a fantastic communicator.
Dylan - Dylan is very practical and likes to remind the Future Leaders of how to ensure their classmates have realistic and sensible suggestions in how to improve our school. He thinks about things carefully and always gives a balanced view.
Scarlett - 'I love art and football! But best of all, I like to help others and make sure they are happy, especially the younger children in our school.'

Year 4
Billy - Billy is always smiley and hppy to get stuck in to a project! He was chosen to be a Future Leader due to his enthusiasm, willingness to help and his great communication skills.
Deri-Mai - 'Hi! I'm Deri and I am good at speaking and listening to others. If you ever have a problem, come and find me as i will always help you.'

Year 3
Tobi - Tobi was very keen to become a representivite to his class and feedback their ideas! He is a friend to everyone and always makes time for others.
Matylda - Matylda is taking her role as Future Leader very seriously, and has already filled a page of ideas from her class about how to improve our school! She is kind, caring and a great listener.

Year 2
Moses - Moses was chosen by his teachers due to his ability to be fair and listen to both sides before making a decision. He is very organised and speaks well within the group.
Autumn - Autumn is super keen to get started on her role as Future Leader! She has loads of ideas and likes speaking to lots of different people.




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