Year 1 Toy Museum

Children in Year 1 were lucky enough to be visited by the travelling Toy Museum. Alison the curator showed the children a variety of toys from the past, including dolls, teddies and toys with moving parts. 

The children found out lots of facts about the teddy bears and explored where their name came from using drama. 

They explored different dolls and found it fun to learn to dance in the styles of different dolls. They were amazed by the Russian dolls and how you could split the doll to find a smaller one inside. 

In the moving toys room, children became toy detectives and worked out if toys were from the past or present using a variety of clues. They they had fun playing a team game of snap with the toys. 

Finally the children visited a room with no toys. Here they discovered they could be the toy makers of the future. The children had fun thinking of what toys they could create would look like and using mine to act out assembling and playing with their toy. 



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