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Hello and welcome to Reception. There are two Reception classes at Beechwood, they are called Oak and Elm. We spend time as a class and time together in the afternoons playing and learning in the environment. Everyone is always happy to help you, so please always feel you can come and talk to us if you've any questions or worries. 

Who is who?

Oak Class

The class teacher in Oak Class is Miss Vaughan and she is supported by Mrs Norton and Miss Moczulski.

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Elm Class

The class teacher in Elm Class is Mrs May and she is supported by Miss Vernon and Miss Halman.

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Attendance and Punctuality

As a school, we aim for 96% attendance, please support us in achieving this by ensuring school attend school on every possible day.

A bell rings at 8.40am to signal the start of the school day. The classroom doors will be open between 8.40 and 8.50 for you drop your child off and say goodbye! The classroom doors will close at 8.50 for the register. If you arrive after this time, your child will be marked as late on the register.


What do we do?

In Reception, we follow the interests of the children and plan rich opportunities for the children to learn through play. We work hard to create an exciting and stimulating environment to support the children throughout their learning. There are a number of different areas inside and within our outdoor environment for the children to explore. Following the children's interests, we have different topics which can last a half term. Additionally, we have nursery rhyme-themed weeks. 


What does the day look like in Oak and Elm Class?

When the children first start school, they will have a few weeks of transition. This valuable time gives the children a chance to settle in and allows them to get to know all the staff and other children.  During the first half term, we do some informal assessments to get to know what the children are able to do and identify their next steps for learning. 

 During the morning, the children complete Phonics, Literacy and maths tasks working either in a group with an adult or independently. When in the continuous provision, both inside and outside, the environment is set up to enhance the children's learning and support them in developing any new skills.Keep an eye out on our website to find out what we've been upto!

If you want to see what your child should be achieving, this document is really helpful and written for you, as parents. Click on the images to follow the links to read them.  

What to expect, when?


What do I send my child into school with?

Your child must bring to school their reading book and diary in their named book bag every day. Updates about Forest School and PE sessions will be sent using Class Dojo.


Toast definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

The children can have snack from the kitchen each day, it costs £1.50 a week. This must be paid in advance on School Gateway.

The children have free milk and fruit every day too. 

You don't need to send in a water bottle, the school provides one for every child and they are washed each night ready to fill the next day!  



All children in Reception are entitled to FREE SCHOOL MEALS or you can provide a healthy packed lunch from home. Please see our suggested pack lunch ideas below for healthy lunch box ideas or speak to your child's class teacher.

We understand some children can be choosey when it comes to lunch. We are here to help! We have worked with many parents in introducing new foods and school lunches to children. Please speak to your child's class teacher for more information on how we can support you and your child.


School Uniform

Your child is expected to wear the correct uniform each day.

This includes a white polo t-shirt, a red jumper with the school logo, black/ grey trousers or a black/grey skirt with black/grey tights and black school shoes. Please note that jogging bottoms, leggings and other similar clothing are not part of the school uniform.

Little Thetford PE Kit Red Teeshirt / Black Shorts / Red Bag

Beechwood PE kit is:

Beechwood PE t-shirt in your child's designated house colour
Black shorts
Black pumps
Black or grey tracksuit trousers for winter months
Black or grey tracksuit top for winter months
Trainers for winter months

Please label all uniforms including coats, PE kits, and shoes. It becomes extremely difficult to locate a lost uniform without a name.



   Class Dojo

As a school we use an app called 'Class Dojo' to reward children's behaviour in school, to keep parents updated with class news and to contact parents through a private messaging service. As a parent, you will receive a login from your child's class teacher and will receive notifications for rewards and news posts.



As a school, we take safeguarding very seriously. This includes internet safety and we are very aware that many children enjoy spending time on tablets, and phones and even playing with Alexa!

Help your child to stay safe online by clicking on the image below to keep up to date on tips and ideas for online safety.




Home - BBC Bitesize

Even though there aren't specific activities under the 'England' category for EYFS, you can explore Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales sections to find activities and learning opportunities. There are Maths and Literacy things to do! 

Contact the School

Beechwood Primary School

Mrs. S. Harper - Headteacher
Meredith Street

Main Contact: Miss Taylor

Tel: 01270 214490
Fax: 01270 251529
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SEN Contact: Miss Geary

SEN Email: [email protected]